You can buy a canoe, but not the unique feeling of gliding over the water with your self-built boat and completing it with the first scratch.

With our workshops we want to support you to realize your dream of your own boat. The construction of a canoe is an extensive project with many interesting and varied work steps, but of course it is also hard work. Both, the strip build boat and the skin-on-frame construction method combine traditional and modern boat building techniques. No matter which construction method you choose, your first canoe project will take you to a new level of craftsmanship.


What should you bring?

For a project of this size you should not lack motivation and stamina. You should also have a certain affinity for craftsmanship in your blood... oh well, you also need a roof rack. Everything else is at your disposal.


What are you taking with you? What will you take away?

When building a boat, you enter a world without right angles, which often forces you to improvise and build your own tools. This is what makes canoe building so attractive.

Depending on the type of construction, you will learn techniques such as steam bending of wood, making traditional wood joints, covering a hull with nylon fabric or working with glass fibre fabric and epoxy resin. At the end you will be rewarded with a boat according to your ideas, with which you can explore waters to your heart's content - we would also have some tips for you!

Next workshop: Fall 2021

Our next Skin-on-Frame canoe building workshop is planned for the following weekends in fall 2021:

02./03. October
09./10. October
16./17. October
23./24. October
30./31. October
06./07. November

On six weekends, four canoes will be build.

A team of two will learn how to build a skin-on-frame Canoe. The workshop will take place in Wuppertal if all places are allocated.

Price: 2500€ per canoe (material costs of 600€ and room rental are included).                  

If you are interested or have questions, please contact us via e-mail:

Canoe building workshop March - KuKuNa Atelier Wuppertal

In March our first canoe building workshop takes place in the studio "KuKuNa" in Wuppertal Unterbarmen. Over a period of one month, a canoe in skin-on-frame construction will be created, which will eventually be donated to a charitable cause. The workshop is free of charge for the participants. The registration is done by the Caritasverband Wuppertal / Solingen e.V.


additional workshops

...are planned. Please ask for dates !


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