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... is a water fetishist. As a paddler and canoe guide, he knows the Wupper by heart.

As a passionate improviser and self-taught craftsman, he is constantly looking for new projects and challenges. Canoe building combines many different disciplines and represents for him a combination of water sports and craftsmanship.

In addition, he gives courses at the JuniorUni Wuppertal and conducts analog photography workshops for children and adults.

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...is perhaps the first person to have canoed for the first time in a self-built canoe.

As a canoe guide he knows every stone on the Wupper by its first name, but he has also explored cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Venice by kayak.

Since he can't keep his hands off handicrafts and would love to try something new every day, you won't only find canoes in his portfolio. This interest also moved him to study industrial design.

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The Strip

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July 2016 - Article

"Building a kayak one frame at a time- the work of w.werft"

The Canadian canoe maker "Bearmountainboats" has dedicated a blog post about our video work.

Our stop-motion video "The Strip" connects canoebuilding with a recording method that is not often found in DIY videos. In the second part of the saga, "Sticky Mess", a glue bottle is looking for love.

"Their film still coveys the process clearly, but the use of stop-motion animation adds a fresh layer we haven't seen before..."