We have designed our NANOOK kayak as a kit in fuselage frame construction. Currently the kit is still in development, but will soon be available in our online store. The kayak is based on the shape of traditional Greenland kayaks. It is sufficiently stable even for beginners and has good secondary stability when anchored. A structural feature allows the seat height to compete with those of traditionally built kayaks and gives the kayak additional stability by providing a low center of gravity of the paddler. The hull has little rocker as well as a slight V-shape, so it is tracking well. We kept the decks flat to provide little surface area for the wind to attack. The flat rear deck also makes it easier to roll. Our method of skinning without a middle seam on the deck also allows the installation of our hatch system, which makes the kayak easier to load.

507x55cm | 12,5kg

stability *** | manouverability ** | rivers ** | lakes ***



Named after its builder, who made it in 2017 in modern adapted construction according to traditional greenlandic standards.

510 x 45 cm | 13kg

stability *** | maneuverability ** | rivers ** | lakes ***



A lightweight sea kayak made of red cedar (Thuja plicata) for longer paddling distances. The hull is made from red cedar with a lighter color, the deck from a reddish-brown colored one. The hull is laminated inside and out with glass filament fabric. Due to the straight keel and its length, the kayak tracks well and is also very fast. Two luggage hatches in the front and behind the seat provide plenty of storage space.


520 x 45 cm | 18kg

stability *** | maneuverability ** | rivers ** | lakes ***