build two NANOOK kayaks from our plans

190cm, 97kg

"I want to thank you, this is a great project, great build guide.  The boats came out beautiful and practical, the stability is very good, the directional stability is on top, my friend and I are in complete admiration for the boats.  Thanks again for your great work!"



paddled NANOOK

179cm, 67kg


"First impression: the boat looks good and weighs impressively less when carried. It still looks absolutely stable and solid. Then out on the water: the large coaming makes it easy to get in. I sit low, have a pleasant amount of space for legs and feet. Backrest and footrests are exactly where they should be. I would prefer to put a cushion on the spartan wooden seat in the long run. The knees have good contact under the coaming. I quickly forget my initial shyness about simply putting my heels on the thin boat skin. Even when sitting inside, the boat seems well-balanced and solidly constructed, despite the light frame and the thin outer skin, which is unusual for me.

The first paddle strokes: The boat is stable due to the low seating position and rides easily, with very good directional stability. To steer, it is easy to edge and goes willingly in the desired direction, but with quite a large turning radius, as expected with the length and the little rocker. There was not much wind, but in a couple of light gusts I could not feel any susceptibility to wind - the sides and decks are low enough. Paddled a little harder, the boat pulls away impressively quickly and easily. Leaning to one side, with or without drive, is no problem even when the water is at the coaming. The boat shows a high final stability, even without paddle brace.

My conclusion: a very pleasant and effortless to drive, light and fast boat. The building instructions and plans are professionally done. The kit parts also look very good. They are fairly priced. I wonder if I will manage to build this beautiful boat myself? In the winter I will try it out!"

(translated from german)

if you have already built a NANOOK and would like to appear in our gallery, please send us your experiences with the construction and paddling or photos of the kayak!