Our NANOOK kayak is based on the shape of traditional Greenland kayaks and can be built within a few days without a strongback. In fuselage frame construction, CNC-milled frames and longitudinal strips are connected with artificial sinew and determine the shape of the hull. The subsequent covering with robust polyamide fabric and painting with PU varnish turn the wooden frame into a usable skin-on-frame kayak. The NANOOK is sufficiently stable even for beginners and has good secondary stability when anchored.
A structural feature allows the seat height to rival that of traditionally built kayaks and adds stability by keeping the paddler's center of gravity low. The hull has little keel bounce as well as a slight V-shape, so it is very true to track. We kept the decks as flat as possible to give the wind little surface to attack. The flat rear deck also facilitates eskimoing.
In the design we have aimed for a low weight but have not neglected the statics by clever material savings in the right places. The kit can be built with a few hand tools even by inexperienced persons. The components are already provided with holes for knotting, only the gunwales and longitudinal ribs must be cut to length and machined at the bow and stern.


What makes our kit special?

- The kit is built without a strongback, which saves you time and material costs.
- the weight-optimized kayak weighs only 12.5kg
- a detailed, illustrated construction manual is included in the delivery
- the method of skinning the kayak described by us allows you to install our hatch system

The components

The kit includes 26 CNC-milled components made of birch plywood, as well as other small parts and aids for construction. In addition to the frames, the sterns and decks, the seats as well as the boarding aids, the kit also includes a CNC-milled coaming, which is very easy to assemble. All components are already equipped with grooves for plugging together and holes for knotting.


The building instructions

Our building instructions comprise 62 pages and describe the complete construction of the NANOOK down to the last detail. Each step is described in detail and illustrated with pictures. The building instructions are accompanied by a list of materials still needed, which can be conveniently called up and ordered via QR codes.



Bauanleitung NANOOK
Bauanleitung NANOOK

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Bauanleitung NANOOK
Bauanleitung NANOOK

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Bauanleitung NANOOK
Bauanleitung NANOOK

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You want to build the NANOOK?

We offer the NANOOK as a kit and in the form of a construction plan in our shop.
The building plan contains the building instructions and three DIN-A0 plans, which contain all parts of the NANOOK in scale 1:1.
In addition, you can order a set of strips containing the gunwales, stringers, keel and deck stringers made of red cedar wood.