A canoe can be built with few hand tools if you already have the wooden strips.If you don't want to buy a circular saw, router and thickness planer, you can use our prepared strips.We make them suitable for the particular construction method and put emphasis on crack- and knot-free wood as well as an ideal course of the annual rings.You are welcome to discuss other dimensions or special requests with us. In addition to shipping, you can of course always pick up the products at our location.

We also offer a construction plan for our skin-on-frame canoe "SOFi" ...



Ash // 6x22mm
for skin-on-frame construction.

The length of 1.50m is sufficient for most canoe and kayak projects.
Ash wood is particularly suitable for steam bending due to it's mechanical properties.
For the production of the Ribs we use selected boards which have vertical and very straight annual rings, are free of cracks and knots and have a high remaining moisture content. After precise planning, a suitable piece is selected from the board and the first cut is made with the plunge saw parallel to the annual rings. Using a table saw, the battens are then sawn.

Prices (gross):
10 ribs - 1,50m - 150€
30 ribs - 1,50m - 400€

Shipping within Germany:


Red Cedar // 22x22mm
for skin-on-frame construction.

Red Cedar is the name of the wood of "Thuja plicata", native to the west coast of North America. The wood is very light, easy to machine and work by hand, and exudes an aromatic smell. It is also extremely resistant to moisture and decay, making it the best wood for stringer construction. We supply the battens trimmed on all sides with right-angled edges in the dimensions 22x22mm. Other dimensions on request.

Prices (gross)
1x - 4,80m - 30€
7x - 4,80m - 200€
9x - 4,80m - 250€

1x - 5,30m - 35€
7x - 5,30m - 240€
9x - 5,30m - 310€

Shipping within Germany 95€


Construction plan "SOFi
A skin on frame canoe

SOFi is a skin-on-frame canoe designed for paddling on lakes with one or two people, The V-shaped hull and little rocker give the canoe good tracking, even when paddled solo. In addition, SOFi's high freeboard makes it well suited for longer trips with heavy loads. The contours of the canoe have been kept flat to avoid giving the wind a large surface to attack.  The slight tumblehome facilitate the paddler's paddle strokes.

Paddling on lakes: ***
Paddling on rivers: *
Stability: **
Tracking: ***
Payload: ***

The construction plan consists of 2 pages DIN A0, which we send folded.

Price including shipping to Germany
75 €

Price including shipping worldwide  
80 €


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