Handmade wooden boats will make your wedding pictures timeless and are sublime and light, just as your day should be. Whether it's a woodstrip-canoe or a lightweight skin-on-frame boat in which the sun shines through it's covering, we'll provide you with your wedding canoe. Whether for the photo shoot or the way to the church or ballroom, we help you to realize your dream of a canoe wedding.


If so far only one of you knows of the enterprise, we also rent our boats very confidentially for wedding proposals. There is probably no lonelier and more romantic place than a wooden canoe on a lake.

Photo & Filmprojects

As long as your project doesn't involve the destruction of a canoe, we gladly lend our boats for photo and film recordings of all kinds.


at first a ...

Test-Ride ?


Dress rehearsal of needs? On a test ride you can try out whether a boat is the right mean of transport for you.

Test ride on lake Baldeneysee or a place after arrangement in the closer circle.


1 hour // 100 €

Half of the price will be charged at the time of booking

one of the following variants !




Variant 1 // by the hour

no journey included

 1 hour // 120 €

Variant 2 // half a day

4 hours

100 km journey included

4 hours // 300€

Variant 3 // whole day

8 hours

100 km journey included

8 hours // 600€

Ride cost per KM // 0,30€



Memorial paddle // it's yours

After careful consideration of design and use, we'll create memorial paddles that will be your companions on future paddle trips or just hang over your bed as a souvenir.

a piece // 200 €

Guide in a dresscoat // we drive you

As experienced canoe guides and water sports enthusiasts, we have the know-how to help you dive the waters of your choice. By special maneuvers, which are unknown to the occasional paddler, we can even go backwards and sideways.

per hour started // 50 €

Photographers taxi // a different perspective

We bring a second boat and drive your photographer exactly to the perfect place to take a shot.

per hour started // 50 €

Equipment // rigging

On request, we can equip the boat with other jokes such as champagne glass holder, bottle opener, picnic table, secret compartment for rings or a bucket for champagne.

for free // 0 €

Bus // canoe on top

a wedding bus with a roof rack for the canoe

VW T3 Joker, white

Price on request ...



We rent all boats marked with asterisks* on the page "Canoebuilding". 

take a look at our canoes ...

comes first ...



Safety plays a big role on board. Since a lifejacket over the wedding dress, however, can be regarded as visually reprehensible, we provide always ready to use throwing line and life ring for the necessary security. Our lifeguard training also contributes to safety.


We are lifeguards (silver) and in possession of a current first aid training. We are also the owner of the European Paddle Pass Level 2.

In case you want to paddle yourself and have no paddling experience, we recommend a non-binding test drive in cozy clothes (see above)

Equipment in the boats:

- lifebuoy

- Throwing line

- First aid kit

- Spare paddle


Send us your booking request to:


80 €

Halber Tag

200 €

Ganzer Tag

400 €

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