SOFi is a skin-on-frame canoe that has been designed for paddling on lakes solo or with two persons. The V-shaped hull and the slight rocker give the canoe a good directional stability, also when paddled solo.  Furthermore, SOFi is well suited for trips with a lot of load due to its high freeboard. The gunnels are designed low to keep the wind-exposed surfaces as small as possible. A little tumblehome helps the paddler doing his strokes.

Paddling on lakes ***

Paddling on rivers: *

Stability: **

Directional stability: ***

Payload: ***

The Plan consists of two sheets that contains tips for building and:

- Lines plan ribs and possible stringer positions

- Lines plan stem

- Section drawing Gunnels

- Details for seats, seat positions and yoke

- Lines for a beavertail paddle

Language is german and english // measurements are metric.

Furthermore, the lenght of all the ribs are given, with which you can build the canoe also in a more traditional way of building.


Canoeplan SOFi (PDF by E-Mail) // 70€

Canoeplan SOFi (printed) //85

Shipping outside germany +3€


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Kanubauplan SOFi

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